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Symptoms of Parasitic Infections vary depending on the parasite inside the body. Thus, any suspected patient should consult a doctor, who would conduct certain tests to determine if it is a parasitic infection and if yes, then which parasite is responsible for it.  The doctor will accordingly prescribe the necessary medication.

Ivermectin Tablets help in effectively curing parasitic infections. It functions by paralyzing and killing the parasite causing infection.

Ivermectin being an anti-parasitic medicine has anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties, thus it is also found to moderately help in treating Covid-19 infection as well. Clinical testing has found this particular medicine moderately effective in preventing further severe diseases if administered in the early stages.

Dosage: This has to be taken in consultation with the doctors and the dosage will be determined by the doctor based on various medical factors of an individual. It is an oral medication usually taken empty stomach with a glass of water. Before taking this medication, the patient should clarify to the doctor or the pharmacist any past medical history or allergies to something.

Side Effects: Consumption of Ivermectintablets may result in certain side effects such as dizziness, headache, muscle pain, nausea, pain in the body due to its impact on parasites, but if these persist for a longer duration or get serious, then consult your doctor and get yourself treated.

Thus it is one of the important medicines required to treat the infected patient at the earliest and thus its availability with the pharmacists become most important.


Ivermectin Manufacturer Supplier & PCD Franchise

Ivermectin Manufacturer and Supplier | Sanify Healthcare

Sanify Healthcare is the Topmost Pharma Manufacturing Company producing and supplying quality pharma products to its clients all over the nation. We offer a wide variety of quality-tested pharma products ranging from over 300+ products. We have ISO-GMP-certified research labs and manufacturing units. Our Quality Team is consistently engaged in ensuring the quality of the product being manufactured and its surrounding environment.

Sanify Healthcare has wide industry experience of serving its client for several years now. Thus we fully understand the needs of our clients and accordingly design our services for them. We follow the set industry standards and norms while performing our services.

Our Quality Assurance team is highly concerned about the quality of raw material being used in the manufacturing process. The raw material is tested in the labs and on successful approval is sent to be used in the manufacturing process.

Sanify Healthcare produces a number of medicines and Ivermectin is one of them. Thus we propose to manufacture Ivermectin tablets for those looking for worthy manufacturers. Contact us for manufacturing of Ivermectin tablets.

We also supply Ivermectin tablets manufactured by us with the brand name LIZMECT-12. Contact us to get instant and regular supplies of these medications in your area.

PCD Pharma Franchise for Ivermectin Tablets

Sanify Healthcare is a well-known Pharmaceutical Company in PCD Pharma Franchise Business. We’re offering our highly demanded PCD Pharma Franchise for Ivermectin Tablets. Interested individuals should get in touch with us at the earliest to avail the various benefits provided by us to our franchise partners such as monopoly rights, promotional aid, quick delivery of ordered products, etc.

Thus, we are offering our premium franchise for Ivermectin tablets, interested parties please contact us on the following contact details.

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Name: Sanify Healthcare

Address: Plot No 1323, JLPL,  Industrial Area, Sector – 82, Mohali  – 160055, Punjab, India

Phone: +91-9216222788

Email: sanify@sanifyhealthcare.com

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