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September 17, 2021
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Meropenem Injection Manufacturer Supplier & PCD Franchise: Meropenem is an injection used in the treatment of bacterial infections in the body. It belongs to the carbapenem class of antibiotics. It functions by blocking the growth of the bacteria inside the body. Meropenem Injection is used to treat severe infections of the skin and abdomen caused by either bacteria or meningitis. Meningitis is a bacterial infection affecting the membranes that surround the brain and the spinal cord.

Meropenem Injection should not be used on cold, cough, or any viral infection. Avoid taking this injection unnecessarily, this can make it ineffective for future bacterial infections. The dosage should be stored carefully in cool temperatures away from moisture and heat.

Meropenem Injection is available for manufacturing, supply, and franchise at Sanify Healthcare under the brand name MERUlard 1GM Injection packed in 1×1 Tray Pack.

Usage: Meropenem Injection has to be injected intravenously. It is usually injected every 8 hours. However, the frequency and duration of the course of medication will depend on the severity of the infection and how effective is the medicine on the patient. For children, it also depends on their age and weight. It is advised to take this injection at equal intervals to ensure effectiveness over the diseases.

Precautions: Patients should clarify with their physician regarding any allergy they have from antibiotics or have had such bacterial infections in the past. It is important that you discuss your entire medical history with your doctor and any other medication you are currently on. Also disclose any previous brain-related problem such as any injury or brain tumor, etc.


Meropenem Injection Manufacturer Supplier & PCD Franchise

Meropenem Injection Manufacturer and Supplier

Sanify Healthcare is a leading manufacturer of Meropenem injection under the brand name MERUlard 1GM Injection packed in 1×1 Tray Pack. This injection is highly in demand due to its wide usage. Meropenem injection is highly effective in the treatment of bacterial infections. Sanify Healthcare is committed to manufacturing this injection in the most accurate composition and packaging the same in safe, air-tight packaging considering all the rules and regulations governing the labelling of pharma products.

Sanify Healthcare is a legend at manufacturing the best quality pharmaceutical products. We’re constantly pushing ourselves to become the Top Meropenem Injection Manufacturer and Supplier. Sanify Healthcare is manufacturing and supplying this injection at the most competent price without compromising the quality and effectiveness of the medication. We have our warehouses located at the most prominent places to support the transportation of products throughout the nation within the stipulated time. This has helped us serve our customers beyond their expectations.

  • ISO, GMP, WHO certified manufacturing units
  • Latest modern-day research technologies
  • the product portfolio of over 300+ products
  • Backed by a highly efficient manufacturing team
  • Supported by a well-experienced team of researchers.
  • Well-connected logistics network throughout India
  • products packed in safe, leak-proof packing
  • Warehouses located at strategic locations

Meropenem Injection for PCD Franchise

Sanify Healthcare is a well-known Pharma Franchise Company offering PCD Franchise for Meropenem Injection under the name MERUlard 1GM Injection packed in 1×1 Tray Pack. We’re associated with several pharma dealers and practitioners throughout the nation and we invite all the potential pharma dealers to associate with us. We’d be happy enough to be joined by more new like-minded people on this journey of providing pharma medications throughout the nation.

Sanify Healthcare is a well-certified pharmaceutical company offering a variety of pharma products for the Pharma Franchise business. We’re offering Meropenem Injection for the PCD Franchise business. 

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