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Pirfenidone Tablets Manufacturers & Supplier in India- Pirfenidone Tablet is used in the treatment of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF), a type of lung disease. In Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis, the lungs become scarred and it gets difficult to breathe. It is usually found in people of age around 70-75 years. It worsens over time if not given adequate treatment in the early stages.

This disease causes the formation of scar tissue deep inside the lungs that results in the thickening of your lungs and this stiffness makes it difficult for the lungs to perform their basic functions. With this breathing becomes increasingly difficult and thus other body parts start suffering due to lack of oxygen in the body. All other organs such as the brain, heart, and other organs, thus leading to further issues with the body.

Pirfenidone belongs to the pyridines group of medicines. Pirfenidone makes the lungs effective enough to breathe well by reducing fibrosis or scarring and thus reducing the swelling in the lungs. This enables the lungs to start breathing again.

Sanify Healthcare offers Pirfenidone tablets of 200 mg under the brand Regperidone-200. We are the best Pirfenidone Tablets Manufacturers & Supplier in India. We are also well-known for our PCD Pharma Franchise services throughout India.


Pirfenidone is an oral medication to be taken by mouth 3 times a day usually with food. Doctors usually introduce this medicine with a lower dose and gradually raise the dose after observing its impact on the body. The actual dosage may be based on your medical condition, response to medication, other physiological factors.


  1. Before taking this medicine make sure that you don’t have any kidney disease, the habit of smoking, liver disease, etc.
  2. Make sure that you disclose any such disease to your doctor and about any other allergies you might have.
  3. Tell your doctor if you are pregnant or planning of pregnancy.
  4. Tell your doctor in case you are breastfeeding your child.
  5. Avoid smoking while on this medication, it will make it less effective.
  6. It is preferred to take this medicine with food at the same time of the day.
  7. Use sunscreens while going out in the sun as this medication can make you sensitive t0 the sun.


Pirfenidone Tablets Manufacturers & Supplier in India


Best Pirfenidone Tablets Manufacturer & Suppliers

Sanify Healthcare has earned a name in the Third-party pharma manufacturing for Pirfenidone Tablet industry by offering the best quality pharma products at the best prices. We possess the superior technologies to manufacture the products in the best quality possible. Our machinery holds valid certifications from authorities. We have advanced research technologies to support our researchers in conducting true research and experimentation to develop better and more innovative formulations. Due to the efforts of our research team, we have been able to deliver the superior quality of pharma products to our customers.

Sanify is known among its clients for the quality of our manufacturing services all over India. We have our warehouses at prominent locations to support our distributors in delivering the products to the dealers at the right time. Our logistics team is efficient enough to cater to the needs of our associates at any time.

We adhere to WHO-GMP guidelines at our manufacturing plant, thus making it safe for workers to operate and produce these products. With years of serving the industry, we fully understand the needs of our clients and we put efforts to serve them accordingly. We are delighted enough to have served them beyond their expectations. Our clients are more than satisfied in dealing with us. This motivates us to continuously serve our clients with the best.

What Makes us realible for Pirfenidone Tablets Manufacturing & PCD Franchise

Sanify Healthcare commands huge respect being the Top PCD Pharma Franchise Company for Pirfenidone Tablet in India. We have our franchise partners from throughout the nation. We extend complete support to our franchise partners throughout their pharma journey with us. Once they make their decision to associate with us, we guarantee our complete support to them for life.

We provide unique monopoly-based pharma franchise opportunities. This enables our associates to operate in a competition-free environment. Thus they are able to reap maximum returns out of that area. They are free to utilize various marketing strategies to attract customers to themselves.

We happily share the learning from our experience with our associates. We assist them in forming strategies to succeed in the competitive environment. We provide them with promotional aid t0 market themselves to attract potential customers in the market. With our support, they are better equipped to lead the market with our products.

To know more about our products and services and wish to associate with us, contact us on the below-mentioned details. We’d be happy enough to deal with you and serve you with our Pirfenidone Tablet product and services.

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