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CEFTAZIDIME + TAZOBACTUM injection is related to that class of medicines which are known as cephalosporin antibiotics. This medication is useful in the treatment of bacterial infections. Bacterial infections are a kind of health situation in which the immune system decreases its working ability because of the growth of bacteria in the body of the patient. These bacterial infections include ear, throat, stomach, respiratory, nose, and skin infections.

CEFTAZIDIME + TAZOBACTUM injection is made up of two different salts, named CEFTAZIDIME, and TAZOBACTUM.  Both salts work with their antibiotic properties to finish the effects of bacterial infections.CEFTAZIDIME is a type of antibiotic that blocks the formation of a protective shield of bacteria, which is beneficial for the survival of bacteria.  On the other hand, if we talk about the healing property of TAZOBACTUM then we can say that it is an enzyme named beta-lactamase, which reduces the effects of bacteria and increase the working actions of CEFTAZIDIME drug against bacteria.

CEFTAZIDIME + TAZOBACTUM injection is for external use only. This injection should use with the help of professional healthcare.  Dose and duration are only depending on the medical condition of the patients. The user may feel some common side effects with the use of CEFTAZIDIME + TAZOBACTAM injection. These side effects do not need any treatment and resolve after some time. If the symptoms of these side effects increased gradually then as soon as possible contact any nearby healthcare.

Product specification of CEFTAZIDIME + TAZOBACTAM injection

 Brand Name: VERTACEF- TAZ

Manufacturer: Sanify Healthcare

Category: Antibiotics

Packaging size: 1.125gm

Composition: CEFTAZIDIME 1000mg + TAZOBACTUM 125MG

Country of origin: India

Form of medication: Injection

Packaging type: 1 Vial

Storage of CEFTAZIDIME + TAZOBACTUM injection

The doctor always recommends to patients to keep CEFTAZIDIME + TAZOBACTAM injection in a cool and dry place away from sunlight. This injection is not for storage after one-time use. Never flush the CEFTAZIDIME + TAZOBACTUM injection.

Side effects with the use of CEFTAZIDIME + TAZOBACTAM injection

Every medication has mild or severe side effects with use, like all other medications this injection may show its side effects to its users. The common side effects of the use of CEFTAZIDIME + TAZOBACTAM injection are as follows.

  1. Nausea
  2. Vomiting
  3. Headache
  4. Stomach upset
  5. Constipation
  6. Skin allergies
  7. Enhancement of liver enzymes
  8. Diarrhea


Sanify Healthcare is not prescribed to the users of CEFTAZIDIME + TAZOBACTAM injection without consulting any professional physician.

Frequently asked questions

Questions: Can I use CEFTAZIDIME + TAZOBACTUM injection for treating viral infections?

Answer: No, the use of CEFTAZIDIME + TAZOBACTUM injection is prohibited for treating viral infections. Because this injection is useful in the treatment of bacterial infections, so please must take consultancy of your doctor before application.

Question: can the patient inject by himself the CEFTAZIDIME + TAZOBACTAM injection?

Answer:  No, this injection is not for self-medication, the patient should take the help of any professional nurse or doctor for the injection. Otherwise patient may feel the harmful effects of self-injection.

Question: can the use of CEFTAZIDIME + TAZOBACTUM injection cause side effects always?

Answer:  well, this is not compulsory that patients will always face the symptoms of side effects, because this medicine is safe to use but those patients may feel the symptoms of side effects that are hypersensitive. All side effects are normal and resolve after some time, so do not need to worry.

Question: how much time does a CEFTAZIDIME + TAZOBACTAM injection take to heal a patient?

Answer: well, there is not any fixed time to heal with the use of CEFTAZIDIME + TAZOBACTAM injection, because every medicine works according to the health condition of patients. But we can say that injectable medicines take less time to heal patients in comparison to oral medication.




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