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Citicholine 250mg/ml Injection


COMPOSITION: Citicholine 250mg/ml


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Citicoline injection is related to that class of drugs that are known as psych stimulants and used to treat head injuries, brain operations, and cerebral infarction in adults. This injection is made up of Citicoline, which works by controlling the secretion of free fatty acids and enhancing phosphatidylcholine and sphingomyelin synthesis. This medication helps in the protection of nerve cell damage in the brain. Overall, this drug improves learning ability and memory.
Citicoline injection is not for self-administer, to avoid the harmful effects of medication. For fast recovery and best results with the application of injection, patients should use this medicine with the permission of healthcare. This drug is not for consumption. This medication is available in the form of injection in the market. Never skip the dose of injection, if a patient forgets to take the dose of medication then as soon as possible take the dose under the guidance of professional healthcare or nurse. Dose and duration are only depending on the health situation of patients.

Citicoline injection is safe and clinically approved, but most patients or users feel some common side effects after using the medication. These side effects include low blood pressure, stomach pain, diarrhea, and irregularity in heart rate. The same people may feel site reactions like pain, swelling, and redness at the application site after the application of the injection. These side effects are temporary so not need any medical requirement, but if the patient feels worsened effects of medication then he should consult with the doctor. If the patient or user is already facing kidney or health issues related to the lungs the patient must tell his doctor before using this drug.

Usage Of Citicoline Injection

• For treating stroke
• Treatment of head injury
• Provide relief from Alzheimer’s disease
• Helpful in dementia in Parkinson’s disorder
• Improves vision in people
• Protect optic nerve from excess damage
• It decreases the risk of death and disability
• It improves cognitive function in patients
• This injection slows the progress of the disease
• This drug minimizes the risk of side effects

Adverse Effects Of The Use Of Citicoline Injection

Many side effects have been shown with the use of Citicoline injection in patients. But there is no need to worry because these symptoms related to bad effects resolve their own. Following are the names of some side effects.

1. Rash
2. Insomnia
3. Numbness of paralyzed extremities
4. Nausea (feeling of sickness)
5. Feeling of warmth
6. Convulsions (irregular movement of the body)
7. Anorexia (loss of appetite)
8. Transient Diplopia (double vision)
9. Malaise (discomfort or illness)
10. Dyspnea (shortness of breath)

Storage Indication For Citicoline Injection

It is always important to check the product label because storage requirements for this useful injection may vary depending on the specific formulation. Some general guidelines for storing Citicoline injection are as follows.

• Patients should store the injection at room temperature.
• It is recommended to keep medication away from sunlight like a cabinet and drawer for protection from light.
• To prevent damage and less effectiveness of the medication, it is important for the patient to not freeze it.
• Always check the manufacturing date on the container, if it crosses the expiry date then never use this medication.
• If the color of the medication is changed then never use this drug and contact your health provider.
• Place the medication at a location where children and pets never reach.

Effective Tips With The Use Of Citicoline Injection

1. Never use a high amount than the prescribed dose.
2. Take the medicine under the supervision of a professional doctor or nurse.
3. Do not operate any machinery or vehicle until you are not aware of the effects of medication.
4. In case of having any kind of allergic reaction after using the medication, then inform your doctor.
5. Avoid consumption of alcohol after taking the dose of medication.


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