September 9, 2022
Colistimethate Sodium 1000000 I.U
Colistimethate Sodium 1000000 I.U
September 9, 2022
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Colistimethate Sodium 2000000 I.U INJECTION


COMPOSITION: Colistimethate Sodium 2000000 I.U

PACKING: 1X1 Tray Pack


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Colistimethate Sodium 2000000 injection is related to that class of drugs that are known as antibiotics. The primary function of this class of drugs is to treat bacterial infections. Bacterial infections are those type of infections in which multiplications of bacteria germs enters into the body of patients and get them sick. These dangerous bacteria are responsible for the production of harmful toxins inside the body of humans and damage all the tissues. Symptoms of bacterial infections are different according to the body parts of the human body.

Colistimethate Sodium 2000000 injection is made up of Colistimethate Sodium that is useful in the treatment of a kind of infection caused by bacteria. This salt works by the death of bacterial cells. It is soluble in the cell membrane of bacteria and destroys the cell walls of bacteria. Overall, this drug treats bacterial infection successfully.

Colistimethate Sodium 2000000 injection is a prescription medication and is available in the form of injection in the market.  Patients should inject the medication with the help of a professional healthcare provider for better results. Many patients feel some side effects after using this injection. These adverse effects include nausea, vomiting, muscle weakness, dizziness, GI disturbance, visual disturbance, and renal damage, but these effects resolve within a particular time period. But in case of the persistence of side effects, the user should consult with his professional doctor. Before injecting the medicine patient or user must tell his doctor about his sensitivities or any other health problems. In case of having pregnancy or planning for pregnancy and breastfeeding, female patients should inform their doctor. Due to dizziness with the use of medicine patients should avoid using or operating any machine or vehicle to avoid accidents.

Product Specification

Brand Name: IFYCLOTIN-2

Manufacturer:  Sainfy Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

Composition: Colistimethate Sodium 2000000 I.U

Country of origin: India

 Packaging Size: 1*1

Packaging Type: Tray pack

Category: Antibiotics

Type of Medicine: Allopathic

Form of medication: injection

Price: 395

 Usage: Medical /Clinical

 Prescription or Non- Prescription: Prescription

Directions For Using Colistimethate Sodium 2000000 Injection

This is a soluble form of medicine and is used by professional healthcare in patients through injection. Following are the directions for using this medication.

  • Reconstituted the Colistimethate Sodium 2000000 injection by adding sterile water for injection to the vial.
  • This is an intravenous infusion and is always injected directly into the veins with the help of a sterile needle.
  • Never freeze the medication in the fridge.
  • Use only the prescribed dose of injection. The maximum dose daily is 12 million IU.

Adverse Effects Of The Use Of Injection

Like other medicines, this medication has some side effects after use, and the following is the list of some common side effects.

  • Superinfection (reinfection)
  • Renal damage
  • Visual disturbances
  • GI disturbances
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Confusion
  • Peripheral neuropathy
  • Respiratory insufficiency
  • Muscle weakness

Medical Benefits With The Use Of Colistimethate Sodium 2000000 Injection

This medication has beneficial in many ways and this drug includes advantages that are as follows.

  • Effective against multi-drug resistant bacteria.
  • Provide relaxation from various bacterial infections like urinary tract infections, skin infections, and pneumonia.
  • Colistimethate Sodium 2000000 injection works very fast to kill all bacteria.
  • Due to intravenous properties, it works by reaching the bloodstream and providing fast recovery.
  • Safe for most of the patients but some may feel common side effects which gradually resolve.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I use this injection without the permission of a doctor?

Answer: No, the use of the Colistimethate Sodium 2000000 injection is good with the permission of professional healthcare, otherwise patients or users may face some health issues with the self-medication of this injection.

Question: the use of the Colistimethate Sodium 2000000 injection is safe for every patient?

Answer: Well, this medication is safe to use for patients but some patients may feel the side effects with use. So it is necessary to use this injection under the guidance of professional healthcare.


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