Itraconazole 100mg Capsules

Itraconazole 100mg Capsules

BRAND NAME: Mecozole-100

COMPOSITION: Itraconazole 100mg Capsules

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Itraconazole 100MG is a salt that helps in the treatment of fungal infections.  It belongs to the category of antifungal doses which are primarily known to reduce the effect of fungal infection or the fungal appearance on the skin.  It promotes the increase of healthy skin cells which in return fight and reduces the division of fungal.  Fungal infection can be caused due to many reasons especially while in contact with the environment which includes extreme amounts of dust,  when a person’s skin is more prone to sweat,  etc.  The fungal infection causes white patches on the skin and offers an extreme level of irritation with inflammation too.

Itraconazole is used with the quantity of 100M and it offers a cure 2 skin diseases such as fungus epidemics, etc. as its primary use is notest to cut off the fungal cells hence it is noted that it works by decreasing the levels of cell division of fungus.  it works by affecting the areas which are under the attack of fungus.  most commonly the fungal infection appears near the elbows back of the knees inside the fingers under arms and many other areas of the body part.  It reduces the irritation caused by it,  decreases the DNA count of fungus cells,  and it also provides a cure for inflammation.  the drug based on this salt has to be taken under the surveillance of a clinician order reputed dermatologist as this is a skin medication that may result in severe other problems if not taken under the precautions and without any prescription.

There are some important precautions which are needed to be followed using the salt Itraconazole on a regular basis.  some of the common precautions which are required and suggested by the experts are, taking the salt as per the suggestion of a clinician, and taking appropriate gaps between the dose,  it is necessary that you must keep your skin clean and sweat-free in order to prevent the growth of fungus.  some adult precautions or guidelines suggested in your daily routine are, washing the fungal infection clothes in a disinfectant and kindly staying away from people prone to the same.  There are some side effects of the soil.  it may cause nausea,  skin redness,  burning sensation,  irritation,  and more.  This is not suitable for pregnant women.  kindly take it under external circumstances only.

 Uses of Itraconazole salt 100MG

there are some of the vital uses of this salt which may prevent the growth of fungal infection and its cells.  to attain the benefits kindly follow the guidelines and precautions.

  • it helps in treating the skin infections such as fungus appearance on the skin.
  • it reduces the growth of fungal cells and thereby cuts off their division.
  • it affects the protein supply to the fungal cells which may be responsible for their growth in excessive amounts.
  • It prevents the inflammation and burning sensations which is caused due to the growth of fungus.

 Precautions with the Use of Itraconazole Salt 100MG

some of the important precautions which are required to be followed with the use of this salt on a regular basis are mentioned below.  It is important to follow the given guidelines as these will prevent the spread of fungus and may help in the reduction of side effects.

  • take this salt under the surveillance of a clinician.
  • do not take this salt without any prescription as this may cause severe effects.
  • it does not read every skin infection rather it is only suitable to reduce the effects of fungus on the skin.
  • kindly report to the doctors if you require consultancy and if you know notice there is no benefit attained using salt.
  • it is not recommended for pregnant women.

 Side Effects of Itraconazole Salt 100MG

Some of the common side effects which may occur with the use are mentioned below.

  • nausea
  • burning sensations
  • redness on the skin
  • excessive irritation
  • white patches

 Storage – Keep the itraconazole 100MG salt tablets in a cool and dry place with no contact with sunlight.

 Note –  the itraconazole 100MG salt is only for external use.

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