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Lactulose 10gm/15ml


COMPOSITION: Lactulose 10gm/15ml.

PACKING: 200ml with Outer with Measuring Cap.

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Lactulose syrup is a syrup manufactured by Sanify Healthcare. This helps in the treatment of constipation in children and also in adults but the quantity measurement is separate for both. This Is a serious problem that makes the person uncomfortable in the routine hence if the consequence of the same increases then it becomes mandatory to take the medication on time. Pharmaceutical aid also benefits the treatment of hepatic encephalopathy.

Lactulose is a salt that comes under the category of laxatives. This is a water-based syrup that helps in dissolving the hard content present in the body which does not let the stool release frequently, hence causing severe constipation. This condition happens when the person is not including enough fiber in the diet and also not following a healthy routine which results in the collection of waste substances in the body. If the aid is used correctly, it softens the stool and helps not release it. This may also treat the levels of ammonia in the blood, this helps patients with liver disease to remove the extra toxins from their bodies.

It is necessary to take the Lactulose syrup under the guidance of the doctor only as the aid also produces some the side effects such as nausea, vomiting, and sometimes diarrhea too. If one wants to avoid such issues, then he must follow the precaution such as taking the dose on time, not overdosing on the syrup, eating a healthy diet, and a lot more if you are pregnant, it is advisable not to take the syrup- as it may not be beneficial for the health of the child.

Causes of Constipation

Constipation can be caused due to several reasons  such as 

  • Poor diet.
  • Lack of fiber in the diet.
  • Less consumption of water.
  • Poor gut health.
  • Lack of the production of good bacteria.
  • Digestive issues

Medicinal benefits of Lactulose Syrup

The correct usage of the syrup benefits the person with desirable results.

  • Helps in the dissolving of unwanted waste substances in the body.
  • Softens the stool.
  • Helps in the release of good bacteria in the gut.
  • Make the person’s stomach feel light.
  • The water-soluble contents help in the products of the hard substance. 
  • Reduces the amount of ammonia in the body.
  • Helps liver patients to maintain the levels of toxins by removing them.
  • Helps in the digestion of food.
  • Provides effective relief from constipation.
  • Treats hepatic encephalopathy.

Dose Requirement for  Lactulose Syrup

The dose required for the syrup will depend on the clinician’s advice only, as he may understand the situation of your health properly. One needs to take care of overdosing and also maintain the appropriate duration of the medication.It is necessary to avoid adverse health effects.

Side Effects of  Lactulose Syrup

The usage of the syrup may also produce some the side effects such as 

  • One may notice nausea.
  • Diarrhea can be caused.
  • Over-release of stool can be noticed.
  • Increased appetite.
  • Headaches can occur too.
  • Flatulence may occur.
  • Abdominal pain can be caused.
  • Vomiting may occur too.

Precautions with  Lactulose Syrup

There are some necessary precautions that one needs to take care of.

  • Stay hydrated.
  • Drink at least three to four liters of water.
  • Include more fiber in your diet.
  • Try to avoid junk and oily food.
  • Do not consume alcohol.
  • Do not overdose.
  • Keep the appropriate gaps in the medicine.
  • Do not consume if any serious allergies occur.
  • Inform the doctor about the after-effects.


Keep the  Lactulose Syrup stored in a cool and dry place only.

Note –  Lactulose Syrup is for external purposes only.

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