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Linezolid 100 mg


COMPOSITION: Linezolid 100 mg.

PACKING: 30ml With WFI.

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Linezolid 100 mg is the composition used in the production of the oral suspension syrup manufactured by Sanify Healthcare. The salt belongs to the class of oxazolidinones and is used in the treatment of severe bacterial infections that cause the development of mucus or phlegm in the lungs, thereby leading towards the state of pneumonia. Under this, a person is unable to breathe properly as there is a presence of the attack of bacteria, hence it is essential to consume the syrup in order to prevent infection at the utmost place. Composition is beneficial for the cure of bacterial infections but cannot be used in curing the other issues caused by the occurrence of viruses such as viral fever, cold and other infections too. 

The intake of the Linezolid Salt must be taken under the prime instruction and recommendation of the doctor as it will be beneficial to take the clinician’s advice before commencing the course of the oral suspension syrup. Taking it on your own without the approval doctor can lead to several other health issues when there is no requirement for this specific salt. There are some of the necessary precautions one is required to follow essentially, which are, firstly raking the syrup in a limited quantity, as to be noted that a pregnant woman must not take the syrup without consultation as this can cause effects the child and the mother too. 

The one who is advised to consume the Linezolid Salt Oral Suspension Syrup should be aware of the fact that it will cause some of the after-effects too such as common symptoms of headache, nausea, regular sneezing, feeling of vomit, can face digestive issues too. Take care of the quantity you consume and most all these effects will fade away with time but if the development of any serious allergies or any other medical issue with the consumption of the oral suspension syrup, it is mentioned that you must consult the doctor primarily as to seek the medical help on the urgent basis. 

Compositional Mechanism of Linezolid Oral Suspension Syrup

The oral suspension syrup helps in benefiting the person with the urgent aid to cure the disease that occurred to the bacterial infection, but it is for the specific body condition and not for all types of incidents, hence consume the salt wisely. 

  • Helps in the immediate cure of pneumonia.
  • Cure the bacterial infection that occurs in the lungs.
  • Clears the way of the windpipe.
  • Helps the person intake oxygen.
  • Prevent bacterial reproduction. 
  • Can be used in the cure of some skin bacterial infections too.
  • The solution provides the most benefits when taken with the proper care.

Consumption of Linezolid Oral Suspension Syrup 

The consumption of oral suspension syrup helps in the treatment of bacteria but is required in orderly consumption so one can prevent the effects. We do not recommend the usage of the syrup in any of the conditions as it may not be very beneficial, hence consult the physician and intake accordingly. Overdosing might affect health. 

Precautions with Linezolid Oral Suspension Syrup

There are some necessary precautions that may be very much helpful so as to cure the health issue in a superior manner. It is important to follow the precautions in an effective manner for better results. 

  • Take the syrup in a limited quantity.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Try not to consume during pregnancy. 
  • For pediatric purposes, consult the doctor.
  • Inform the doctor if any of the occurrences of the medical condition is there.
  • Do not take other salts with the combination of Linezolid salt. 

Side Effects of Linezolid Oral Suspension Syrup

There are some side effects of the syrup too. These might be very common and may not require the medical attention too but can prominently take a serious turn, hence consulting the clinician is a must.

  • Since it is an antibiotic salt, its effects on the liver can be noticed.
  • There is a chance of nausea.
  • The digestive issue can occur with regular usage.
  • Skin allergies may develop.
  • Constipation is one of the causes of the intake 

Storage – Keep the Linezolid Oral Suspension Syrup in a cool and dry place only.

Note- Linezolid Oral Suspension Syrup is for external use, we do not recommend the usage without the clinician’s advice. 

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