September 8, 2022
Linzolid 200mg + Dextrose 5gm
Linzolid 200mg + Dextrose 5gm
September 8, 2022
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Paracetamol 1000mg


COMPOSITION: Paracetamol 1000mg


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Paracetamol 1000mg infusion is associated with that class of medicines which are known as analgesic and antipyretic agents. Those are useful in the treatment of high fever and mild to moderate pain. Fever usually comes when body temperature goes above the normal body temperature. Many patients feel pain with fever. Pain is a symptom that occurs due to a weak nervous system, as a result, patients feel uncomfortable sensations in the body.

Paracetamol 1000mg infusion is made up of a salt named paracetamol, which controls the production of prostaglandins that cause pain, swelling, and redness at the injury site of the human body. Paracetamol 1000mg infusion decreases inflammation and mild to high pain in the damaged part of the patient.  Overall Paracetamol 1000mg infusion lowers the temperature and pain. This is the most used medication while fever. The user should take Paracetamol 1000mg infusion with permission of a doctor otherwise, it will lead the patient to harmful effects. Paracetamol is available at low doses in the market but patients should use the Paracetamol 1000mg infusion with the recommendation of a doctor. Otherwise patient may feel the harmful effects of the symptoms of the medication.

The use of Paracetamol 1000mg infusion is safe to use only with the prescription of the doctor. But sometimes due to hypersensitivity, some patients may feel some aftereffects with the use of Paracetamol 1000mg infusion. These side effects include symptoms like nausea, vomiting, and constipation. These side effects are normal sometimes, in other words, we can say that these side effects are gone after a particular period but in some cases, they go bad and show the worst effects. Those patients who feel the severe side effects should contact to their doctor in this situation. If any patient is allergic to Paracetamol 1000mg infusion then he must tell his doctor for avoiding bad effects.

Product specification of Paracetamol 1000mg infusion



Packaging: 100 ml

Categories: Infusion

Pack type: Bottle

Strength: 1000mg

Drug composition: Paracetamol 1000mg

Usage: for reducing pain and temperature of the body

Prescription: only with the doctor

Country of origin: India

Common side effects of Paracetamol 1000mg infusion

Every medicine has its negative or positive effects; we can say that Paracetamol 1000mg infusion shows its common side effects sometimes. The patient should not worry about these side effects because these bad effects are normal and do not require any medical attention. Following is the list of some common side effects with the use of Paracetamol 1000mg infusion.

  1. Headache
  2. Anxiety
  3. Vomiting
  4. Nausea
  5. Stomach pain
  6. Itching
  7. Constipation
  8. Difficulty in sleeping

Storage of Paracetamol 1000mg infusion

The doctor recommends the patient keep Paracetamol 1000mg infusion in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight. Keep Paracetamol 1000mg infusion away from children.

Indication for use of Paracetamol 1000mg infusion

Paracetamol 1000mg infusion is not for consumption by the patient. This medication is injected by any professional physician only. Never self-administer the Paracetamol 1000mg infusion. Otherwise, it will be harmful to the user.

Drug-to-drug interactions of Paracetamol 1000mg infusion

Paracetamol 1000mg infusion interacts with different types of drugs category, like gout medicines, anti-inflammatory drugs, and anticoagulants. Following is the list of some medicines that are interacted with Paracetamol 1000mg infusion.

  1. Warfarin
  2. Salicylamide
  3. Probenecid
  4. Acenocoumarol


Sanify Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. does not recommend the use of Paracetamol 1000mg infusion without any consultancy of healthcare, because it may lead the patient to dangerous effects. Always use Paracetamol 1000mg infusion with precaution for the best result and fast recovery. This user of Paracetamol 1000mg infusion should avoid the use of alcohol with the use of this drug.







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