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Tocosoya-AVO | Avocado Soyabean Unsaponifibales 300mg

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Avocado Soyabean Unsaponifibales 300mg


Packing: 10x1x10 Alu Alu

Tocosoya-AVO is an allopathic medication composed of Avocado Soyabean tablets of 300 mg. Avocado Soyabean Unsaponifibales tablets are formed using the highly beneficial avocado and soybean oil extracts. Avocado Soyabean Tablet is formed using the chemicals found in Avocado and Soyabean oils. This composition is highly beneficial in the treatment and further prevention of osteoarthritis that is caused by inflammation and breakdown of cartilage. It is also useful in bringing relief from back pain, hot flashes, etc.

Avocado Soyabean Unsaponifibales 30o mg tablets are highly useful in bringing relief from the pain caused by Osteoarthritis. Consuming Avocado Soyabean tablets reduces the inflammation caused in the joints and also works by decreasing the inflammatory cells and proteins that destroy the cartilage. This composition further reduces cartilage breakdown and promotes cartilage repair.

Avocado is a good source of Vitamin D and potassium. It is effective in reducing cholesterol levels in the body. Avocado Soyabean Tablet is to be taken by mouth with or without water. It reduces the swelling and pain in joints.  It is advised to take this medicine with water or food.

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