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Top PCD Pharma Companies in Pune – With an approximated population of more than 7 million people, Pune becomes the second-largest city in the state of Maharashtra after Mumbai. The city has given birth to various leading pharmaceutical players that are committed to catering to the medical needs of people residing here. The rising population of Pune has taken the demand for pharma medicines to an upper direction in the healthcare sector. Investment in the pharma sector of the city has proven to be a boon for all business seekers. If you are hoping to work in the city with an authentic pharma company, then we have piled up a list of Top 6 Pharma Companies in Pune that are considered top-notch names.

Various research studies have shown that a number of medical representatives, entrepreneurs, and pharma aspirants are presenting a great interest in initiating their business plans in the pharmaceutical market of Pune. It is primarily due to three main reasons; the uprising demand for healthcare products among people and the flourishing scope of running a business with pharma medications, and the collective support of State and Central Support towards the pharma sector. It becomes quite troublesome for business executives to give their preference to a trustworthy company. To assist them, we have managed to arrange Top PCD Pharma Companies in Pune that provides smooth support to their partners.

The companies we have listed down are arranged in accordance with various research findings and their share in the market. Take a deep study of these companies and choose the one that goes best with your budget and business preference.

Sanify HealthcareSanify Healthcare

With an initiation to our list of Top 6 Pharma Companies in Pune, we are presenting Sanify Healthcare which has taken a significant step toward establishing itself as a leader in the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry. The company holds 20+ years of experience in the business of manufacturing, exporting, and supplying a diverse range of pharmaceutical products for various therapeutic areas. The pharma medicines delivered by Sanify Healthcare are 100% safe to use and are considered excellent in terms of quality, accuracy, and shelf life.

Pharma product range in which Sanify Healthcare deals:

  1. Anthelmintic, Anti Worms & Anti-Fungal Range
  2. Anti-Inflammatory, Analgesic & Anti Pyretic Range
  3. Gynaecology Range
  4. Ayurvedic & Herbal Help
  5. PPI and Gastroenterology Range
  6. Neurology Range
  7. Neuropsychiatric Range
  8. Ortho Care
  9. Iron Supplements
  10. Dermatology Range
  11. Dental Range
  12. Anti-Allergic, Anti Cold & Cough Formula
  13. Cardiology & Anti Diabetics
  14. Anti-Vertigo
  15. General Medicine

Pax HealthcarePax Healthcare

Pax Healthcare is a remarkable name in the pharma space that holds ISO, WHO, and GMP Certifications. The company has capitalized on every opportunity to bring out top-quality medicines to people all around India. They have a fully-computerized system for medicine production with networked controls. Moreover, the company is backed by teams of Sales & Marketing, Accounts & Finance, Packing & Dispatch, and Production & Quality Control that works with complete dedication and consistency in their respective fields.


Manufacturing Units


Distribution Channel Partners



Therapeutic Segments



Abiba Pharmacia

Next up we have Abiba Pharmacia which is further regarded as one of the Top PCD Pharma Companies in Pune. The company holds an enormous working experience in the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry. The production department, administrative department, and quality checking department of Abiba Pharmacia are handled by highly proficient experts that ensure carrying out all the business tasks in an effortless manner.

Medicinal Ranges offered by Abiba Pharmacia:

  1. Antibiotics Range
  2. Dental Range
  3. Gynaecology Range
  4. Steroids
  5. Pain Management Drugs
  6. Anti-Amnesic Drugs
  7. Orthopedic Drugs
  8. Veterinary Range
  9. Pediatric Range
  10. Gastro Range
  11. Drugs for Cough & Cold
  12. Antioxidants & Multivitamins
  13. Ayurvedic Range

Saphnix LifesciencesStensa Lifesciences

If you are looking ahead to associate with a company that offers rich quality medications along with remarkable business opportunities, then Stensa Lifesciences is all that you are looking for. The company believes in working together with its partners to achieve the mission of making people’s lives healthier with high-quality and effective medications. They have more than 150 happy clients all around the country that trust them for their transparent deals and ethical business policies.

Benefits you will avail yourself by choosing Stensa Lifesciences:

  1. Authentic Monopoly Rights on your Respective Area.
  2. 100% Guarantee of Top Quality Pharma Products.
  3. Timely Delivery of Products without a Single Pause.
  4. Free Promotional Tools and Assistance of Marketing Strategies.


Another well-known name under the list of Top 6 Pharma Companies in Pune is Lifegenix. Lifegenix is a promising brand that has made its remunerative presence in the Pune Market. The company is engaged in offering vegan and gluten-free pharma products that are clinically tested under the keen surveillance of quality inspectors. They bring constant innovations near their advanced technologies to keep them up to the mark, as per industrial standards.

High Facets of Lifegenix:

  1. They have rich experience of 26+ years in the healthcare sector.
  2. The company is supported by leading Research & Development and Formulation & Development units.
  3. They make constant updates and upgrades on manufacturing activities.
  4. They have powerful logistics supply support.

Novolilly Pharmaceutical

An ISO 9001-2008 certified firm Novolilly Pharmaceutical is a discovery of top-notch pharma professionals that run their enterprise with certain aims of ailing mankind. The company is stretching its operations with an additional market force across PAN India and plans to make its presence in newer therapeutics. They have a complete market understanding that allows them to bring out potential health solutions in existence.

Diverse product forms introduced by Novolilly Pharmaceutical:

  1. Capsules
  2. Drops
  3. Tablets
  4. Protein Powders
  5. Soft Gel Capsules
  6. Suspensions
  7. Roll-Ons
  8. Dry Syrups
  9. Creams
  10. Injections
  11. Gels
  12. Sachets


Here we are winding up the list of Top PCD Pharma Companies in Pune that have become significant players in the markets of Pune. We hope this blog has made it easy and flexible for you to make a true choice of associating with a reliable company for your own business. If you believe in seeking great progression in your business and earn worthwhile profits, then choose the Top PCD Pharma Company in Pune, Sanify Healthcare.

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