What is Medical Representative – Role and Responsibilities

What is Medical Representative – Role and Responsibilities – Medical Representatives are the strong key link between pharmaceutical companies and healthcare professionals. Moreover, they develop a network between them. MR’s (Medical Representatives) are appointed by medical companies to promote new products, offer advice, deals with sales, and inform the usage of products to healthcare professionals. Also, they provide a brief introduction of the newly unleashed products in front of consumers and doctors. And he answers the questions and queries regarding the product.

What is Medical Representative – Role and Responsibilities

In a day, MR visits numerous clinics, hospitals, and nursing homes, and meet the doctors or healthcare professionals. Consequently, he convinces them to use the product of the company and prescribe medicines, drugs, and pharma products to their patients. MR’s have several qualities such as Communication skills, Commercial awareness, Sales skills, Maturity, Confidence, Patience, Organisational skills, etc., that indulge them to promote the product of the company.

Role and Responsibilities of MR’s

The roles and responsibilities of MR’s are limitless. He works from morning to even late nights. His primary job is, get prescribed pharma drugs, and medicines and generate sales as much as possible. While completing his target, MR arranges meetings with doctors, pharma owners, etc., and give presentations of the drugs, medicine, and medical equipment to them. Here are some more roles and Responsibilities of MR’s.

  • Pharma Company representation:- This is the prime reason for appointing MR’s. They represent the pharma company in the market. They inform people about the existence of the product and the brand.
  • Introduce the new product:- When a pharma company unleashes its new product to the market, then an MR introduces the product and provides a brief description of the product, and prepares a representation in front of doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals.
  • Promotion:- An MR promote the products of the pharma company in which he is working. He tells doctors about the benefits that they will get after prescribing their products. And he is the one who offers them promotional material such as bags, Bottles, Pens, Writing pads, etc.
  • Achieve sales target:- By promoting the products MR helps pharma company to achieve their sales target. As every pharma companies have a yearly sales target and that sales target is not possible without these MR’s.

Thus, these are the roles and some responsibilities of MR’s in the pharma field.

Medical Representative a Key Toward Success

Let’s discuss some other factors that will prove that how much important an MR is to a pharmaceutical company.

  1. When a product is promoted by MR and purchased by the consumer, doctors, healthcare professionals, etc., after prescribing these pharma products to their patients and costumer they provide feedback to the MR. And an MR report that feedback to the pharma company.
  2. There are two types of customer support or services. One is offline and the second one is offline. MR’s plays a vital role in providing customer support and customer services offline.
  3. It’s Last but not least, MR keeps records about every major and minor thing. And they report these records to their higher authorities after a specific time or when demanded by them.

Considering all the above, we can say that MR plays a vital role in the pharma field.

Requirements to become a Medical Representative

To become an MR one should have some necessary qualifications and experience. Here are these required qualifications and experiences. For basic knowledge of the field of medicine, and should have an educational background in Biology or life sciences.

Educational Qualification:

One must hold any of the following bachelor degrees to become a Medical Representative.

  • Bachelor’s degree in Nursing

  • Bachelor’s degree in Life Sciences

  • Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy

  • Bachelor’s degree in any relevant field

And One should have medical sales experience in the field.

Wrapping up:

We hope that from the article of Sanity Healthcare, you might get your answer to the question of who is a medical representative and what are the roles and responsibilities. MR’s are a part of promotion and advertisement. If you are interested to become an MR then you can become an MR by fulfilling the eligibility criteria and having the above-mentioned qualities.

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